The Lincoln Chapter of the Nebraska Czechs regular meetings are held on the second Friday of the months of September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April and May.    All are welcome!

We meet at the Hy-Vee Grocery  located at; 1601 North 84th Street, in Lincoln.   The meeting room is on the
2nd floor.   Please use the Southeast entrance of the building where you will find stairs and an elevator located
on your left just inside the entry door.

                                                         (5:30 p.m. Social ~ 6:00 p.m. Dinner)​​

                    Hy-Vee is located at the intersection of 84th and Holdrege, 1 mile north of 84th and O Street.​


​​Chapter meetings are being led by our President, Andrea Volf.

Programs given at the meetings are varied, but are generally Czech/Slovak related topics such as; musical entertainment, talks by students attending the University of Nebraska from the Czech or Slovak Republics, videos, or heritage related presentations by members or visitors.   Should you have a suggestion for a future program, please contact Rachel Taylor.   Remember, "Show and Tell" items are always welcome at every meeting!   

​​Delicious meals are provided at the meetings at reasonable cost.   Please RSVP to Andrea Volf  - 402-416-6390  one week in advance of the meeting, if you are planning on eating.   You do not have to eat to meet! 
​Visitors & member's guests are always welcome!   Please feel free to attend a meeting and, pardon the old pun, "Czech us out"!   We ask that you please send an RSVP so we know the attendance for meal planning purposes.

Please remember, if you say you are coming, we have to pay for your meal even if you don't show up, so if you can't make it, please send us an email and let us know ASAP so we can have an accurate final count.
Cancellations are required, at the latest, by 9:00 p.m. on Wednesday before our Friday meeting.  Reservations that are made, but not kept, and not cancelled by the deadline may be billed.    ​​Thanks for your understanding!​​ ​


Membership Meeting Agenda for Friday, January 12, 2024
​                                                        * Social Time (meet & greet)
                                                        * Meal
                                                        * Business Meeting​​
                                                                                             0 Announcements​
                                                              0 ???​​
                                                                                             0 ???      
                                                        * Program:  ‘Religion in the Czech Republic'
                                                                            (Karen Moritz  - Presenter) 

                            ***These are the highpoints for this meeting, other items may be added to the final Agenda*** ​​​

        ​                                                          2024 Meeting Dates
                                                                        • January 12
                                                                        • February 9
                                                                        • March 8
                                                                        • April 19
                                                                        • May 10
                                                                        • September 13
                                                                        • October 11
                                                                        • November 8
                                                                        • December 13​

                                   *** Please visit our Archives page for prior meeting/program information ***​​​​

          Lincoln Czech Club Chapter meetings are now held in person.  ​When notified, that online participation is
          desired, we will utilize ZOOM for our online meetings using the following meeting access information: 
                    Meeting ID: 889 4858 8933
        Passcode:   835536

                      * Please download the ZOOM application in advance on your computer, tablet or cellphone *

                                                                           . . .