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Dobrý den, rád vás vidím!  Jsme Nebraska Češi z Lincolnu propagující naše hrdé české dědictví.  Podívejte se prosím na naše webové stránky a užijte si vše, co musíme sdílet.  Naše stránky pravidelně aktualizujeme. Navštivte nás prosím brzy znovu.  Děkuju!

​​​We are the Nebraska Czechs of Lincoln and are One of Twelve chapters that make up Nebraska Czechs Incorporated.  For information on meetings, membership and other information about the club, please refer to the tabs on the upper left hand side of this page.
                         ~ Current News and Upcoming Items of Interest ~
​​* A Legislative Bill was introduced this session that will provide for a Czech Heritage License Plate.
   On February 24, LB140 had been placed on Select File.  This is the 2nd round of debate on the Floor.  LB140,
 ​  did not pass during this year's Legislative session.  However, this was the First Session of the 108th Legislature.
   The Bill remains in Select File and when the Second Session convenes on January 3, 2024, the Bill will continue
   through the Legislative process. 
       ​ ​​
* Nebraska's Honorary Consul, Mila Saskova-Pierce, leads the Czech Conversation Club.  It is held on the
Tuesday of each month on Zoom.  Each meeting has a theme, and participants may practice their
language skills around that month's topic.  Those interested should contact Mila for more information.

* Our own Czech/American Reading Circle meets on Zoom the last Tuesday of each month except
  ​ December.  The 2023 Circle schedule is now available.  Please see our Reading Circle page for more.

* Are you or someone you know interested in becoming a Nebraska Czechs of Lincoln member?   ​It's downright
   fun, educational and a great way to meet other Czechs-Slovaks!    ​Please visit our Membership Page.​​

* Our next General Membership Meeting will be Friday, October 13, 2023 ​at ​Hy-Vee @ 84th & Holdrege.   
   ​Please see 
our Meetings Page for further details.​

​​* Have a look at our Nebraska Czechs of Lincoln Monthly and Archived Newsletters & some other stuff too!

* Explore the Czech Republic...share a late afternoon walking tour in Prague with our friend Vladimir...   
* ​Please take a look at our Links Page for Links & Information to all things Czech.  A plethora of information
  ​ is provided for a variety of Czech-Slovak related areas including culture, history, genealogy, travel/tourism,
   language, arts, food & drink and a whole lot more! 

* Even though our Annual Czech Festival is over (we are one of the first of the season), many other Festivals
  ​ are getting underway.   Please take a look for an upcoming Czech-Slovak Festival near you...or plan a road
  ​ trip and attend a Festival further out in the state.   Attend them all if you can!   Each are unique and loads
  ​ of fun!    If you are looking for Festivals out-of-state, please see our Links Page for a list.
​ ​    
   Thank you to all who came out to our Nebraska Czechs of Lincoln Annual Czech Festival Sunday, May 7!
   We're so happy you could join us!   We had a great turnout this year and already making plans for next year.

   Our 2022-2023 Lincoln Czech-Slovak Queen is Miss Iva Marie Volfova of Hickman, Nebraska
   Our 2023 Lincoln Czech-Slovak Princess is Miss Eizley Martinsen of Hickman, Nebraska​​​

   ​​A special thank you to all of our Sponsors, Contributors, Vendors, Exhibitors, Suppliers and especially our
  ​ hard-working Volunteers!   

   Please hop over to our Festival Page for pictures from this year's 2023 Festival.​​               

   See you all Next Year!!!   ​  

                                          ​​​​​​    Nebraska Czechs of Lincoln | 2023​
In Prague it is:
                                                                . . .
Today is September 28th, better known as St. Wenceslas Day and is a National Holiday in the Czech Republic.  It is also known as ‘Czech Statehood day’.  It has been a public holiday since 2000.  It is the feast day of St. Wenceslas, the patron saint of Bohemia, and commemorates his death in the year 935.

​All over the Czech Republic, people will be celebrating the St. Wenceslas Festival because it is one of the most popular autumn celebrations. Festivities will be taking place at many venues throughout the Czech Republic.  
In some places, the end of summer is a reason to mourn, but Czechs prefer to celebrate.  On this day, they honor the memory of St. Václav because this was the day when he was murdered by his brother.
Wenceslas was born near Prague in 907 and was the son of the Duke of Bohemia.  His father died in 921 and Wenceslas ruled from 922, when he was 15 years old.  Raised as a Christian, primarily by his grandmother, Ludmila who had been baptized by the Greek missionaries Cyril and Methodius who brought Christianity to the region.

The reign of Wenceslas (Václav the Good) is marked by his support of the church, his aim to unify Bohemia and making peace with Germany. These policies created enemies within his court and even his family.   His brother Boleslav was one of those who plotted against him.  Boleslav invited Wenceslas to a church consecration.  On the morning of September 28, 935, on his way to the mass, Wenceslas was attacked by Boleslav and was killed by supporters of his brother.  Having suffered a martyr’s death, Wenceslas was immediately considered a saint.  This lead to a cult of veneration with several biographies being written and miracles attributed to him.   He was even posthumously made a king by the Holy Roman Emperor, Otto I which is why the Christmas carol 'Good King Wenceslas' refers to him as a king when in life he was a duke.  After Wenceslas’ death, Boleslav assumed power and reigned for almost fifty years.  Later in life, Boleslav clearly felt remorse or guilt for his actions and in 972 he had the first church devoted to Saint Wenceslas built in Prague.

​One of the most famous monuments in the whole of Prague and perhaps in the whole of the Czech Republic is the statue of St. Václav on Wenceslas (Václav) Square.  ​​Here the Czech prince is watching over one of the largest squares in the Czech Republic from his saddle.  From this seat, he has witnessed, astride his horse, many of the major events in the history of this wonderous country.

May you have a blessed Den české státnosti – Svatý Václav or as we say in the USA, a blessed Saint Wenceslas Day!

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