The Czech/American Reading Circle

The Nebraska Czechs of Lincoln are proud to sponsor the Czech/American Reading Circle.  Started in January, 2019, the Reading Circle shares significant books about, by, for, and important to, people of Czech Heritage.  Attendees are not required to have read the book being discussed, however, it helps to have some familiarity with it, and we encourage participants to contribute any relevant information they may have.

Please join us!  The circle meets the last Tuesday of each month except December. 

Our next book will be on October 26:  Czech Contributions to the Progress of Nebraska by Vladimir Kucera (one of our founders) and Alfred Novacek.  This book is available in pdf format in the University of Nebraska website's Czech Heritage area.  It consists of a series of articles and statements about Czech settlers who came to Nebraska.  The discussion will be led by our President Layne Pierce.